Construction Project Management: A Complete Introduction

Construction Project Management: A Complete Introduction

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What it takes to develop, plan and manage a construction project.
This straightforward and readable, yet thorough, textbook focuses on the role of the contractor, taking the reader from start to finish — from the early development stage through bidding, selection of the contractor, the construction itself, and close-out. A wide range of practical issues are explored, and frequently-asked questions answered:
— Exactly who the players are in construction and what each one does
— Why contractors should avoid some jobs, and how they get the right jobs
— What bidding is, and why the low bid isn’t always the best bid
— Why different types of construction contracts carry different levels of risk
— The link between the type of contract and how the contractor gets paid
— Why cost estimates and schedules are keys to project success
— How a general contractor brings in a job on time and on budget
And much more:
— Bonds, insurance, and liens
— Avoiding and resolving disputes
— Design-build, integrated project delivery and BIM
— Change orders
— Getting paid
— Extensive glossary of construction project management vocabulary
With a complete introduction to Green Building.

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