Among the most important parts of the project management process is the planning of the project. The representation of the goals that are to be achieved via the project should be clearly done during the planning stage. Project management is one of the areas of knowledge that is widely acclaimed and spread across countries that have market economies. It comprises of a set of interconnected activities that are designed in order to reach goals that are clearly defined and need to be accomplished in a specified duration and in a budget. It is also the most common language used by professionals in a variety of industries to communicate with each other, and consists of well-developed methods and tools that can be used for implementing projects. The widespread use of latest computer technologies in the subject makes it a little difficult to understand and learn by the students.

Major features of the project management taught in universities comprise of various fields of study such as that of advanced technologies used in project management, participation in competitions and contests, real project participation and enhanced training in computers. For students who wish to succeed in their studies with such extensive work-load, online assistance is required to complete assigned activities. Many universities teach various specializations such as leadership, project management framework, project team formation, software and project management methodology, practice and theory of business planning, and many others. With help from outside sources, understanding these concepts will be a lot easier for the students.

There is plenty of software that serves as project management tools. Online tutoring programs help students in learning these tools by providing them training in required fields of study. Project management often requires software for analysis, which can be difficult to understand for the students. A student who is studying project management in IT stream needs to be aware of plenty of things that are to be completed in a very short duration. Recently, project management has been recognized as the most efficient method for managing and planning investment projects. As estimated by the US, methods of project management provide a high rate of reliability for the achievement of goals and also a reduction in the costs of implementation.

The term project refers to a temporary undertaking by an organization to develop a unique service or product. ‘Temporary’ refers to the fact that each project has a designated start and a time when it comes to an end as either the objectives of the project have been achieved or the understanding that the objectives would be impossible to achieve. ‘Unique’ refers to services or products that are different from existing services and products in significant ways. Instances of projects include house construction, new equipment development, software development, elections etc. The performance of my homework services or products in the market depends on their uniqueness.

Most major companies of the world now employ project management methodologies extensively. A large number of computers across the world have installed project management tools software. More than a couple million computers in the world have Microsoft Project installed. In the USA, a lot more companies are applying project management technologies as the interest in technology increases. Other project management software used include Project Kick-start, which is a simple software that is cost effective and available for free download; Tenors, which is a project management software based on the web, Mind View 4 Professional, which allows users to visualize and brainstorm ideas; Collaborative, which is project collaboration system that is web-based, and many others.

Students dealing with project management assignments as part of my homework should keep in mind certain pointers that will help them complete their work efficiently. Firstly, they should conduct a lot of research beforehand with the help of charts and schedules. Secondly, they should have a template developed with them, which contains all elements required for the assignment. Thirdly, they should ensure that the context of their assignment is correct and adhered to throughout the completion of their work. Lastly, they need to ensure that they properly provide answers to all the questions. If they cannot, they require assistance from professionals.The term project refers to a temporary undertaking by an organization to develop a unique service or product.

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